Friday, September 11, 2009

Latest Publication

Introduction of Mr. Stahl's First Publication:

"Who Knows What God Knows"

This first in an upcoming series of childrens books geared towards simplifying the:

"Who", "What", "Where", "When" and "Whys" pertaining to the great "I am"

As a parent it's not always easy asking those tough questions about life and how we measure up to God and his standards. "Who Knows" is geared toward teaching young children that we don't have to know everything; but it's pertinent that we know who does and put our faith in Him.

Customer Review as shown on "'The handcrafted drawings of this book is what first cought my attention. All illustrations are portrayed in such a way of how a child actually thinks, that my daughter was instantly hooked and delighted with the charecters. Due to it's rather simple layout and design I thought it may not quite reach my 4 year olds attention level. Boy was I wrong!!! Each clever quote about nature and life rhymes so easily I was shocked how quickly my daughter memorized it so she could "read it herself" to me. It's simple message slowly guiding children to depend on God in all things, great and small, is portrayed perfectly for my young children to understand. It has prompted many questions about God that I have been greatful to answer. It is now a bedtime favorite"

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